Friday, July 28, 2006

Fat Socialist Solves Middle East Crisis

My attention is belatedly drawn to this suggestion on a pro-left blog:

Why can't things be as simple as Michael Moore's suggestion to make Bavaria the Jewish homeland, we all know Germany owes the Jews big time, why is it the Palestinians who have to suffer?

Sure…. Just wake up next to Dachau concentration camp every morning. That will help them put history behind them won't it? While we’re at it why don’t we:

- rehome the Chechens to a Siberian Gulag
- Set up a pure catholic town near the Mays prison
- And give Al-Qaeda an Islamic State next to Guantanamo Bay.

To say Michael Moore really wants to help the Palestinians you don’t see him over there do you? Moore just wants to bash the US plain and simple…. That’s where he makes his money.


Anonymous said...

Don't necessarily disagree, but for "Mays" read Maze!

xoggoth said...

I think Mr M's comments have to be mostly tongue in cheek with an eye to controversy selling more books. Nobody is really that daft./ Are they?