Friday, August 04, 2006

Labour's Conference Is Going to be Fun This Year


“Walter Wolfgang, the heckler ejected from last year's Labour conference, has been elected to the party's ruling National Executive Committee (NEC).”

Frankly I am surprised he is still paying up his membership after the way they treated him before. But it takes all sorts I suppose. Now with Mr. Wolfgang being elected to the NEC he has a hand in Labour’s policy objectives.

So what does he have in mind?

"If this Lebanon war is still going on in October - and there needs to be a ceasefire before that - we need to do something about that and stop the fighting.
"The second thing is we have to get our troops out of Iraq. We have to get the Americans out too but getting our troops out will encourage that.
"I am also very much opposed to Britain having nuclear weapons and want to get discussion going on that."

I think him and Blair are not seeing eye to eye are they?

“He also called on the prime minister to quit immediately and said Chancellor Gordon Brown was not the right man to replace him.”

Oh I can't wait to hear his speech. Who does he have in mind? Sounds like Clare Short would be just his cup of tea.

So it would appear that this year’s Labour conference will be featuring some openly anti-Blair speeches from the very ruling body. I can’t wait!


Prodicus said...

You're back!

Ranting Guttersnipe said...

Yup I'm back...

August is my busiest month of the year workwise. Posts will be quite sporadic for the next couple of weeks.