Friday, July 07, 2006

Is There Any Shame The Man Can't Take?

Apparently, according to the Times, not only has Prescott now got much less work to do but it appears that this year he can’t do it by himself.

"A NERVOUS Labour Party has arranged for two senior Cabinet ministers to help John Prescott during his stewardship of the country during August, The Times has learnt.
This year he will be supported by Hazel Blears, the Labour Party chairman, and Jacqui Smith, the Chief Whip."

Laugh? I nearly shat! The Labour Party appear to have such confidence in him that they leave the squirrel faced shite talker to steady the tiller with him, and don’t get me started on what Prescott could achieve when assisted by a whip.

I mean what does he need the help in doing? Is he going to be short of croquet partners or something?

It’s enough to make your lungs bleed isn’t it?

“There is also a plan being discussed at the highest level to send Mr Prescott “on tour” during the summer to escape hostile treatment from the London-based media.”

No doubt this will be at taxpayers expense just like the last one. Guttersnipe here thinks that if he couldn’t escape the press in America then he’s not going to escape the press anywhere, we have London based journalists in Afghanistan for feck’s sake.

Short of sending him to a Siberian Gulag I can’t think of anywhere they can’t follow him… wait… hold and cherish that thought.

"Labour sources denied that Ms Blears and Ms Smith had been chosen to act as “minders” to present a safer pair of hands. They said that Labour was concerned about a summer offensive from a resurgent Tory party. "
It’s not like you haven’t given them the ammunition is it guys?

One said: “We have arranged for both Hazel Blears and Jacqui Smith to be around, not at the same time, but over the whole summer. This is both for government lines and for Tory attack.”

It’s not often I pity a Labour cabinet member, but being minded by Hazel Blears has got to be more embarrassing than being caught spit roasting a rent boy. I'll bet this was Brown's idea.

I’ll be back once the therapists stop me laughing!

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Anonymous said...

How can a once great nation be reduced to this?