Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cherie Blair Pisses Off the Russians

Welcome to the club Putin… she’s been getting right up the noses of the British for fecking years.


“Cherie Blair goaded the Kremlin yesterday when she volunteered legal assistance to Russian campaigners seeking to challenge a law that imposes strict controls on activists.

Downing Street made clear last night that Mrs Blair's visit had been officially endorsed and broke from its usual reluctance to endorse her activities.

"We do not hide the fact that we have concerns but we believe it is right and proper to engage with Russia in a broad range of topics," said the Prime Minister's spokesman.

But the gesture risked deepening a rift between Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin.

Jesus… we manage to keep a lid on the Duke of Edinburgh.. it’s been years since he’s managed to escape and start talking about them slanty eyed Chinese. Can’t the supposedly most powerful man in Britain keep a lid on his wife?

If Guttersnipe here is off to a function on business and the good Lady Guttersnipe is going with him, it stands to reason that she doesn’t waltz off into a corner and start pissing off the host.

Let me bring you back to the line mentioned above:

“we believe it is right and proper to engage with Russia in a broad range of topics,"

Yes it is right and it is proper, but I don’t recall any of us voting that venomous harpy into a position of international diplomacy. What the fuck was she thinking? Was she thinking at all?

Who’s betting that we the good taxpayer funded her to feck up international relations as well eh? Bet you a signed copy of the Hutton report we did.

Would the next party in power have her stoned in Wembley Stadium please?

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dearieme said...

I'd rather not have her in any condition.