Sunday, July 16, 2006

Just Where Is Blair Living These Days?

Right, the catch up session can begin with my initial words on Lord Levy’s arrest:


It’s about fecking time that the ermine collars got felt. Ever since these jokers came to power it has been a question of what they could get for themselves.

Brown seems to have disappeared as he usually does when the wheels start to come off, but Blair has been speaking out in defence of their actions.


Blair says no honours wrongdoing
Tony Blair has said no-one in the Labour Party has sold honours in return for financial backing to his knowledge.

Yeah… right! It’s amazing that he can quote every word and vote that David Cameron has done but when it comes to where 14 million quid comes from isn’t it?

The PM told BBC One's The Politics Show there was nothing wrong with working peerages being given to party backers.

And here he is right…. Bear with me here. Personally I see nothing wrong with getting to the end of a good solid parliament and saying to Person A “Thanks for all the hard work, and the million or so quid welcome to the House of Lords”. Nothing wrong with that at all.

But there’s a huge difference between that and “give us some of your money and it guarantees you a peerage”.

Mr Blair also said he had seen no evidence of ministerial misconduct by his deputy John Prescott, and that he would carry on as prime minister.

Its amazing how little evidence reaches the Prime Minister isn’t it? Give it a couple of weeks and we’ll be hearing “there’s no evidence of a war in Iraq… it’s all a Daily Mail conspiracy.”
Honestly it drives me up the wall… we can invade a country based on suspicion of weapons but we can’t get rid of Prescott based on first person testimony.

"Nobody in the Labour Party to my knowledge has sold honours or sold peerages," Mr Blair said.


The prime minister said the rules over party funding might have to be changed, with the possibility that taxpayers could be asked to contribute.

This fecking gets my goat…. Yes Gutternsipe’s goat is well and truly got. We don’t need to change the way parties are funded, we need the fecking government to stop being such a fecking dishonest group of money grabbing fecktards. That’s it, plain and simple. The system of party funding works. It’s worked for years, but you abused it. What needs to change is the people not the mechanism.

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