Thursday, July 27, 2006

Moonbat Watch 1

The fact that trouble has boiled in the Middle East has brought the tinfoil hat brigade out in force. As usual whenever I’m looking for a laugh at what the crackpot left are spouting, and Galloway’s nowhere in sight today, I look at the BBC Have Your Say section.

I include a prime selection below:

“It's about time that the world stood up to the Israeli/USA axis of terror. These two countries are responsible for all the grief.”
- OK I’ve not been keeping a close eye on this but I think the number of Israelis kidnapped by the Americans equals none.

“When will the US say stop? Once Lebanon is a pill of rubble !! They are the ones placing the whole Middle East in danger, how long do they think the other Arab Countries will stand back and not defend there fellow Arabs?”
- Again the Americans are not kidnapping Israelis, not lauching rockets at Haifa and not invading Gaza.

“If someone was attacking our allies like Israel is attacking Lebanon would we sit idle ?”
- errr… Israel is our ally, and we are sitting idle.

“This is a war crime, and no different to what happened when Hitler's government kicked off World War II. It's outrageous!”
- and I imagine with such an analogy backing them the Israelis will then go on to massacre 6,000,000 jews in Auchwitz for good measure eh? Twat!
- This is really much more like when Hitler started lobbing indiscriminate V1 and V2 rockets at London, and as I believe, we went over there and kicked his ass.

Do they watch the same news as I do?


John Coles said...

They may indeed watch the same news but the advantage they have is the immediate forum that the BBC gives their moronic left wing views. Try to get a right wing thought on the BBC's "Have your Say" and you'll more likely than not be 'moderated out'.

Little Miss Muffett said...

why don't you slit your wrists - it will lower your blood pressure.

Ranting Guttersnipe said...

JC - I've tried... it gets nowhere.

LMM - Congratulations on the wittiest response I've seen from the moonbat brigade! Did you write it yourself or did Galloway just give it to you to hold?

little miss muffett said...

I knew YOU would like it! Ha Ha Ha!!!

Ranting Guttersnipe said...

You're welcome....

Whilst we're on this note Gutternsipe would like to pint out that intelligent, reasoned and well thought out debate has no place on this forum whatsoever (well except in a couple of places and they're easy to spot).

For the intelligent debaters out there I recommend Iain Dale.

Average guy on the street said...

John Coles, I couldn't agree more. I may get some comments through when the Mods are having a bad day but that is only a very small percentage of the time. For a supposedly impartial organisation (paid for by the taxpayer - I do support the licence fee as it is an alternative to adverts every 5 minutes which I can't stand but it is a tax) this can be really annoying for us right wingers.

Average guy on the street said...
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Average guy on the street said...
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chris said...

There is a large section of the left which cannot seem to help themselves, 'oh, jackboots ... shiny' then off to support whomever the dictator de jour happens to be.

The Soviets, Mao was rather popular for a while, Castro, and now the Islamists. Repressive, mass murdering, tyrants. But not America and therefore obviously morally right in whatever they do by some lefty mindset.