Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yes... They Take Serious Crime This Seriously!


Crime bosses who cannot be prosecuted for lack of evidence will be given a ''super-Asbo'' to try to disrupt their activities, the Home Office said yesterday.

Oh for fuck’s sake… more useless shite just flows out of this establishment every fecking day doesn’t it?

This really is going to have the criminal classes pissing in their shoes isn’t it? I mean ASBOs? Can’t we have the death penalty or slavery or something? No just more of Blunkett’s fecking brainchild.

Let me make a few things clear to the Home Office.

Crime is already illegal and yet the criminals don’t fecking care. What good have ASBOs ever ever achieved in the fight against crime? I’ll tell you how much. None… none at all.

Jesus, you could ASBO Lord Levy and he’d still get on the phone saying “come give some money to Blair on the quiet”.


What we want for these people is the following.


Are you? Switch your fecking ears on you headline grabbing moron:

- Prison sentences that actually are a deterrent.
- Stop hamstringing the police with paperwork and let them catch criminals
- Stop hamstringing police with a fecking enquiry and lawsuit every time they try to catch a criminal.
- Get off the fecking front page and into the Home Office you idiot.

ASBOs haven’t stopped people like this:

What make you think they’ll stop people like this?

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