Wednesday, July 12, 2006

No Wonder They're Illiterate...

Guttersnipe is a literate chap and quite well educated, naturally not by the state. However in spite of a fine classical education your good Guttersnipe occasionally has difficulty reading some things…

… these things are usually Labour Party ideas on education, frankly they make no sense at all. Like today’s bright ‘clear blue sky thinking’ featured on the BBC:

“A proposed system for measuring students' progress in sixth forms and colleges in England would have awarded them points for failing their A-levels.
Students with good previous exam results would have had more points for failing than less capable candidates.
School and college leaders said the idea, co-ordinated by the Learning and Skills Council (LSC), was unacceptable. Ministers asked for a rethink.”

Rewarding failure is wrong Guttersnipe thinks…. It’s a good job we have all those ministers to come up with a better idea isn’t it?

Now a different progress measure is being tried, ignoring fails altogether.

What? What the feck are they thinking? Clearly Stalin has risen from the dead and got himself a plumb job in state education.


Those who failed would be awarded a number of points equal to their average score in all subjects at GCSE level.
He raised various objections to this as a "wholly unacceptable" method - one of which was that a fail would be accorded different points depending on how bright students were.
In reply, the School Standards Minister, Jim Knight, said his department had asked the LSC to take a fresh look at how fails could be included in the learner achievement tracker "without affecting either the integrity of the system or the outputs it produces".

Basically they’ve been instructed to look at the scores and eradicate any measure of failure. It makes you want to burn the place down doesn’t it? Given the size of government education failures these figures will probably take some effort to ignore.

Mr Martinez (The LSC's head of quality assessment) said: "It's not perfect but it's what people have signed up to."

Yeah mate…. People signed up to Thalidamide, Porton Down, Pals Battalions, Communism and the Third Reich but it didn’t make them a good idea did it?

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