Monday, July 03, 2006

OI Brown! Just Do Your Damn Job Will You?

Courtesy of the Times:

“GORDON BROWN is to revive controversial government plans to hold terrorism suspects for 90 days without charge as one of his “early pledges” in advance of becoming prime minister.”

Gordon Brown? Brown? Oh for feck’s sake…. Let me put this as politely as I can:

YOU ARE THE FECKING CHANCELLOR!! Get it? You deal with the money. You screw us all for tax. You make up figures so your books balance. You do not start getting involved with Home Affairs OK?

If we want a useless, oversized headline chasing Scotsman to mess around with the Home Affairs and Anti-Terrorism we have John Reid OK?

“In the week of the anniversary of the July 7 attacks on London, the chancellor will announce that he believes increasing the present 28-day limit to 90 days is justified to help safeguard the public.”

It just makes you sick doesn’t it? We’ve spent the last few days hearing Squirrel-faced toadying moron Blears saying that “we have to listen to the voters and do what they want” and the next thing they come out with is a rehash of a policy we didn’t want, that the MPs didn’t want and neither did the Lords?

What makes them think they can get it through this time?

“The chancellor’s allies say he was angered last week when a High Court judge quashed “control orders” that put six suspects under effective house arrest. The orders are a key element of the government’s anti-terrorism strategy, but Mr Justice Sullivan ruled the suspects’ human rights had been breached.”

So now that the judges have overturned house arrest because it is a clear breach of human rights what makes them think that 90 days in Belmarsh is going to be any easier to do? Fecktards the lot of them. This legislation ill be used to detain 82 year old refugees and shut up anti war protestors just like the current stuff is.

"Brown is now studying the legal implications of a ruling that John Reid, the home secretary, also disagreed with. It overturned nearly half the 14 control orders in force. "

Again.. why is Brown studying this? When Labour’s false economy collapses and the Tories have to pick up the pieces just like last time one of the many reasons will be that the Chancellor spent all his fecking time pretending to be Prime Minister and Home Secretary.

"A Treasury source said: “Gordon remains convinced there is a case for extending the period for which terrorist suspects can be detained without charge beyond 28 days.” "

There may be a case… but there isn’t parliamentary support. So get back to the abacus you one eyed, horse frightening twat!

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Prodicus said...

Like your headline. Said more or less the same myself yesterday except... I don't WANT him to do his job (or anything else). He's done more than enough to screw the country up.