Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bloody Hell... I Agree With Blair!

It’s not often that Your Rt. Hon. Guttersnipe (member for Vented Spleens) here agrees with Blair in anything apart from his going before the next election. However, it would be remiss of me not to mention these rare occurrences when they happen.


“Blair's Muslim views 'unhelpful'

A leading Muslim has accused Tony Blair of playing an "unhelpful blame game" by suggesting moderate Muslims are doing too little to challenge extreme views.

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, said Mr Blair's remarks could hamper the good work being done. “

I’m actually going to side with Blair on this one, don’t worry I’m not going soft but frankly Blair has never been out on the town demonising muslims. Blair didn’t blow up several tube trains and a bus last July, Blair didn’t blow up a train in Madrid, Blair did not fly 2 jets into the World Trade Centre and Blair has not marched through London suggesting that we should behead all those who offend Islam.

Muslims did all of these things.

According to Bari:
“Moderate Muslims had promoted dialogue and peace in their communities since the 2001 attacks in the US”

Where exactly? I’ve seen more evidence for the existence of the Teletubbies than I have for this mythical moderate muslim majority. I’m far from saying it’s not there I’m just saying we never hear it, we never see it, we have liitle or no evidence for it. This is because the muslim communities are not doing enough to sort out their own mess. Blair is right on that and I support him on that.

“Dr Bari said: "Blaming a community, especially those who have been working for the last five years to bringing sanity in the community, bringing peace and harmony in the community.
"This blaming is not helpful to us."”

Bringing sanity to the community? Is the Muslim Council of Great Britain declaring that Muslim communities are insane?

“On Tuesday, the prime minister said: "In the end, government itself cannot go and root out the extremism in these communities. I am probably not the person to go into the Muslim community... It's better that we mobilise the Islamic community itself to do this." “

He’s bang on the money here… and that doesn’t happen often. Moderate muslims out there, make yourselves heard. Be louder than the militants! Stop blaming western society for the fact that your fanatics hate it and if you find these fanatics among you… turn them in.

Now I am going back to the Opposition.

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