Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Get Back to Fecking Work!

This may come as a surprise to people who have avoided the news but apparently the Civil Service is on strike today.

Good Lord I hear you cry… how will we cope? Should I stock up on food?

Well I’ve just been outside and I can assure you that the fabric of reality has not been torn out from under us. Life is going on, in fact probably a bit more efficiently.

I have a problem with this strike. Apparently it’s involving tax offices, benefits agencies and driving tests, and it’s the tax offices I have the issue with. They’re planning to strike on tax deadline day 31st January. Would it surprise any of you that this is their busiest day? No… me neither.

Now if Guttersnipe hands his tax return in a day late he gets a £100 fine. OK, I don’t like it but I can avoid it. However if I hand my tax return in on time and they process it a day late because they were on strike then I get a £100 fine.

What the fuck?

In my self-employed capacity, if there is a deadline in place and I deliver my services 1 day later than I have agreed with my client then either I agree to do this with the client, or he/she has the right to not pay me. Why is this not the case here? Surely the deadline needs to be extended to 1st February because the fucking monkey brained morons handling the tax have been bravely manning the picket lines fannying about at home watching Trisha and Diagnosis Murder.

When the private sector goes on strike, the hapless businessman has to adapt all his deadlines and prices to fit in with the new timescales that his workers have dictated to him. From the government… nothing, we just have to fucking put up with it. They are making a whole run of tax returns late for their strike and they’ll fine us for the bastard privilege.

For once I’m not going to insist that the government steps in to improve the lives of these people instead:

- Fine each of them £100 for every tax return that they make late.
- If they insist on not working sack them
- If they really want to see their pension provision fucked over then put them in the private sector.


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The Nameless Libertarian said...

Top tier ranting, love it.

The concept of civil servants striking is beyond me. They work bugger all hours, they have a final salary pension and they have more job security that any other sector in the UK. And are they thankful for that? Are they fuck.

If I decide not to go to work, I get sacked. If I were to suggest a union in my work place, by boss would die of laughter. Having to talk to work past civil servants with their piss poor attempts at picket lines yesterday really, really made me irate.