Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What Does He Want? Blood?

You're going down slag!

Tony Blair called yesterday for the national
DNA database to be expanded to include every citizen. He said there should be no limit on the development of the database because it was vital for catching serious criminals.

During a tour of the Forensic Science Service headquarters in London, he dismissed concerns of opposition politicians, saying the public backed the database because it was "helping us track down murderers, rapists".

Has this man gone absolutely bat shit mad? I don’t back the database? I guarantee you that this database will be riddled with errors, and I’ll end up on the Special Case Nonce’s Wing of Broadmoor simply because the government can’t build a computer system that can recognise the difference between a T and a G.
These fecktards can’t even get my tax and National Insurance right let alone manage a system of the individual genetic make up of every British citizen. How many serious crimes are committed by illegal immigrants eh? A good proportion of our crime is going to be done by people who aren’t even on our database, even on the 3 days in the year when it works.
Why not get some fecking police out there instead of having them tick boxes and the like all the time. You know Tone? Catching criminals, what the police want to do but you’re too busy making sure that criminals have more rights than we do.
Mr Blair said he did not believe there was "any problem" with the public providing samples because if they had committed a serious offence they "should be convicted". The database sent a "strong signal" to the criminal community that they could be identified and caught from even the smallest trace at a crime scene.
Blair gave a sample voluntarily when he announced the database. Now if you’re of the opinion that flogging a peerage is a serious offence and/or believe the Iraq War was illegal then I think we’ve disproved the merits of the system.
And what’s this shit about if they’ve committed a serious offence they “should be convicted”? Are you living in the same fucking Britain as the rest of us? You haven’t any more room in prisons, we’re letting serial rapists, nonces and terror suspects wander out at will and you’re wanting to convict more people? I’m all in favour of more convictions but let’s have the space and the means to keep people in it first eh?
Downing Street said later that no thought had been given at this stage to requiring everyone to give a DNA sample, although they will have to give scans of their eye and fingerprints for a passport and eventually a national identity card. At this stage, the Prime Minister believed it was a "personal matter" whether people, including other Government ministers, should volunteer their DNA.
Bags not be the person who has to get a semen sample from Prescott.


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