Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Louise Bagshawe Selected for Corby

Louise Bagshawe has been selected to fight the Corby seat... I have to confess I was thinking of moving.

However I have been to Corby, it's a shithole... the place contains signs in the local McDonalds that say

"Please do not cycle in the restaurant"

It just got too surreal. It does have the very beautiful Rockingham castle just outside.

So Good Luck to Louise... it won't be hard to improve Corby, and with only a 3% lead over us it shouldn't be too hard to win the seat over... especially when the MP looks like this.

Hamana Hamana Hamana


Ellee said...

Yes, not the prettiest of places, not a patch on Mid-Norfolk. But I wish her well and hope she can charm the voters with some tough policies, whenever they are announced.

james higham said...

How expensive is real estate in that seat?

Corby Zone said...

I'm from Corby and can tell you that it's a wonderful place with wonderful people. We have some of the remaining ancient Rockingham Forest in the centre of town...its absolutely beautiful! We also have the best indoor skate park in the country, Adrenalin Alley, decorated with contemporary art form the likes of Banksy - believe me, its a dead cert that future Olympians will be churning out of that place! We also have a massive latent creative talent here so having a writer as an contender for MP will be a good thing....she'll have a tough fight though - Corbarians are not a soft touch!

Corby's in the midle of massive regeneration Gateshead style...so if you want to buy real estate, better get it now before you're out of luck...