Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Meanwhile over on Comment is Free

"Oi Toynbee... go feck yerself!"

Meanwhile over on Comment is Free…

Shadow Education Secretary David Willets tells Polly to shut the feck up!

Well that’s the dream but his response to yesterday’s article, while not as vitriolic as your good Guttersnipe, Devil or Mr. Worstall would offer, is still a good read:

“She listed our "assault on Sure Start" as evidence of a supposed secret agenda. Like the rest of her litany of doom, this displayed a profound misunderstanding of the approach we are now taking.”

“Toynbee, by giving a roll call of Labour initiatives, mirrored the complacency of Tony Blair's article on childcare the previous day (A failed test of leadership, October 5).”

“Toynbee ended her piece by saying we are "good at lambasting Labour for all it has still not done". But that is only part of our job.”

Go read the whole thing


James Cleverly said...

It seems it is not just us political types who get wound up by Polly. My editor has had a pop at her about her attitude to business and taxation.

Real Business Blog/Guardian

Prodicus said...

OT: I have just spotted that you have paid me the great compliment of an honorary Guttersnipehood. I am awed. Thanks!