Thursday, October 26, 2006

Boris Bang On The Money!

Not only right wing, but right
Boris hits the mark in the Telegraph this morning.

And I also know that, as soon as we gave the very ghost of a tax-cutting commitment, the great Labour lie machine would chunter into action. Ed Balls would start boggling indignantly from your screens. Gordon would begin his nasal dronathon about closed hospitals, axed nurses, cancelled heart operations and mutilated stumps.

But in case there is anyone out there who doubts the evil of how Gordon Brown taxes the poor, let them hear the ill-effects on those in our Armed Forces who slave to put bread on the table for their families, and who are walloped for their pains by the Chancellor.

I back Cameron and Osborne's stance that a tax cut in unsellable at the moment but I haven't seen anyone making it sellable. Boris does so here with his usual syle.

Go read the whole thing


xoggoth said...

Boris is my idea of a Tory leader too, but that article is drivelling. Sentimental dwelling on individual examples like that - terrible but what does it prove? Prefer something a bit more factual and sentimental myself.

Ranting Guttersnipe said...

I'd like them to say "Tax cuts benefit the poor" and for people to believe it. Sadly that's not the case so we need to set it out in black and white small words for the Guardian types out there.