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That Blair Speech Part 2

People of Britain... Bollocks to the lot of you!

Apologies Guttersnipes…. Work just gets in the way, however the Dunkirk spirit prevails and I slog on with Blair’s speech. I will return to more up to date topics once this is complete. Since Devil’s Kitchen was looking forward to reading the rest I don’t like to let him down…

The beliefs of the Labour Party of 2006 should be recognisable to the members of 1906. Full employment; strong public services; tackling poverty; international solidarity. The policies shouldn't. The trouble was for a long time they were.

And it’s a good job the policies shouldn’t because it would appear that the policies have led to rising unemployment neatly glossed over by changing the figures, an NHS up to its sphincters in debt and the very idea of international solidarity seems to have been translated as what America asks we will provide…. Or to put it a better way “Monkey see, monkey do”.

In the 1960s, re-reading the Cabinet debates of In Place of Strife, everyone was telling Harold Wilson not to push it. They said it was divisive, unnecessary, alienated core support. In the end he gave up but so did the public on Labour. Even in 1974, the Labour Government spent 2 years renationalising shipbuilding and the public spent 2 years wondering why. In the 1980s, Council house sales had first been suggested by Labour people. It was shelved. Too difficult. Too divisive. We lost a generation of aspiring working class people on the back of it.

And of course you’ll remember that Blair often uses this as a club against David Cameron, yet now he likes the idea. Yet apparently Cameron is the flip flopper.

In the 1980s we should have been the party transforming Britain. We weren't.

Thank fuck for that…. Although in the 70s Labour were the party transforming Britain… we had the 3 day week, corpses piling up because gravediggers were on strike, tax rates that even the Gobblin fecking King would baulk at. Oh yes… Britain was transformed all right.

The lesson is always the same.

Guttersnipe learned then not to vote Labour and has heeded this lesson throughout.

Values unrelated to modern reality are not just electorally hopeless, the values themselves become devalued. They have no purchase on the real world. We won not because we surrendered our values but because we finally had the courage to be true to them.

No you won because you parked your values and told the public what they wanted to hear. Then taxed them until milk ran from their arses, detained them without trial and enslaved them to the mammoth state.

Our courage in changing gave the British people the courage to change. That's how we won.

That and bribing a few rich people with Ermine does seem to have helped a bit doesn’t it?

10 years after, Government has taken its toll. It does. It's in the nature of the beast. In the harsh climate of the 24/7 media, in which gossip and controversy are so much more newsworthy than real news, people forget.

Government has taken its toll? You are the government you spotlight hugging twat! You… the Tories aren’t the government, the Limp fecking Dims aren’t the government, government isn’t some living breathing thing with a mind and agenda of its own. It is the party with a parliamentary majority. That is you. Government taken its toll my fucking polished knob. Just be honest for once and say “10 years after we are just not up to the job”.

I spoke to a woman the other day, a part-time worker, complaining about the amount of her tax credit.I said: Hold on a minute: before 1997, there were no tax credits not for working families not for any families; child benefit was frozen; maternity pay half what it is; maternity leave likewise and paternity leave didn't exist at all. And no minimum wage, no full time rights for part time workers, in fact nothing.

Whereas I would have summed up my response with the words… “So why not get a full time job you parasitic sponging council scrote?”. But maybe that’s just me.

"So what?", she said "that's why we elected you. Now go and sort out my tax credit." And, of course, she's right.

And have you sorted out her tax credit Tone?

In Government you carry each hope; each disillusion.

No Tone… you’ve taken each hope and crushed it into the disillusion you give us back. In fact that disillusion is the only thing you’ve given us back.

And in politics it's always about the next challenge. The truth is, you can't go on forever. That's why it is right that this is my last Conference as Leader.

I didn’t hear anyone begging him to stay did you? Just fucking fuck off will you.

Of course it is hard to let go. But it is also right to let go. For the country, and for you, the Party. Over the coming months, I will take through the changes I have worked on so hard these past years. And I will help build a unified Party with a strong platform for the only legacy that has ever mattered to me - a fourth term election victory that allows us to keep changing Britain for the better.

Here’s all that matters to Blair…. Fourth term election victory. I’m fucking sick of hearing this, the only achievement they’ve had is the three consecutive terms. Jesus Christ Blair there are people out in the country with real issues that currently it is your job to sort out. Enough with the fucking election already. Don’t you have a tax credit to be sorting out?

And I want to heal. There has been a lot of talk of lies and truths these past few weeks.

Yup…. Who made those comments about lies eh Tone? Was it Brown? Was it Straw? No… that sort of political damage can only some from someone who is so stupid that he/she would even make Prescott look like Stephen Hawking. Some sort of vacuous camera whore than craves liemlight more than the lovechild of Tony Blair and David Blane… yes I’m talking Cherie fucking Blair.

In no relationship at the top of any walk of life is it always easy, least of all in politics which matters so much and which is conducted in such a piercing spotlight. But I know New Labour would never have happened, and 3 election victories would never have been secured, without Gordon Brown. He is a remarkable man. A remarkable servant to this country. And that is the truth.

A remarkable man…. Worthy of remarks. Therfore I remark… he’s a cunt.

So now, 10 years on, this Party faces the real test of leadership: not about what we've achieved in the past; but what we can achieve for Britain's future. Not just how do we win again; but how does Britain carry on winning?

Probably by not dropping from 4th to 10th in the competitiveness leagues I imagine Tone.

I won't be leading you in the next election. But I've sat in the hot seat for 10 years. Here's my advice.

Advice? Doesn’t this just fucking scream “You can’t win without me”? Brown looked so pissed off you would think Newsnight had invented a new tax loophole.

The scale of the challenges now dwarf what we faced in 1997. They are different, deeper, bigger, hammered out on the anvil of forces, global in nature, sweeping the world.

Of course they dwarf them…. You’ve had 10 years to fuck the country up the royal box making everything worse than it was before.

In 1997 the challenges we faced were essentially British. Today they are essentially global. The world today is a vast reservoir of potential opportunity. New jobs in environmental technology, the creative industries, financial services. Cheap goods and travel. The internet. Advances in science and technology.

None of which are British.

In 10 years we will think nothing of school-leavers going off to university anywhere in the world.

Well Labour seems to think nothing of school-leavers going off to jobs anywhere but here, why should uni students be any different? They’ll have to go abroad to go to university after 10 years of further Labour rule since it will be far too expensive here and they won’t be allowed to protest about anything.

But with these opportunities comes huge insecurity. In 1997 we barely mentioned China. Not any more. Last year China and India produced more graduates than all of Europe put together.

And they were engineers, designers, scientists, academics… as opposed to the masses of brain altered fucking doctors of aromatherapy that Britain has churned out.

10 years ago, energy wasn't on the agenda. The environment an also-ran. 10 years ago, if we talked pensions we meant pensioners.

Now when we talk about pensions we talk about how your one-eyed fucking Turpin tribute act robbed £5 billion from the poor and just fucking kept it.

Immigration hardly raised.

Until you opened the borders, removed all the controls and let any Tom, Dick or Abdul detonate our public transport system you fucktard.

Terrorism meant the IRA. Not any more.

Quite… now it means 82 year old Labour activists, anyone protesting outside Parliament, anyone carrying face cream on a plane. It doesn’t appear to include hook handed hate preachers, crowds calling for the beheading of those who insult Islam, or members of prescribed terrorist groups interrupting speeches by the Home Secretary.

We used to feel we could shut our front door on the problems and conflicts of the wider world. Not any more.Not with globalisation. Not with climate change. Not with organised crime. Not when suicide bombers born and bred in Britain bring carnage to the streets of London. In the name of religion. A speech by the Pope to an academic seminar in Bavaria leads to protests in Britain.

That’s because you allowed a queue of batshit mad volatile Sharia worshipping jihadists to land a Dover and then said “Come on in… we’ll give you everything you want.”. Your first duty as a government is the protection of the citizens. That was a duty you have never taken seriously. Every time a dangerous muslim appears you bend over and take one up the ringpiece from the MPAC.

The question today is different to the one we faced in 1997.

Yup…. The question we faced in 1997 is “Why should we vote Tory?” the question we now face is “Why the fuck did we vote Labour?”

It is how we reconcile openness to the rich possibilities of globalisation, with security in the face of its threats. How to be open and secure. And again, there is a third way.

Yup…. Complete and utter abject surrender and dhimmitude. Which appears to be proceeding as planned.

The British people today are reluctant global citizens. We must make them confident ones.

You should probably start by getting the feck out then Blair since the British people have little other than contempt and shame for the government we have apparently put on the world stage. How can we be confident in the international community when you send Straw to shake hands with Mugabe, you send Prescott over to Russia on our behalf and you sit back and hand over British rebate money in return for being fucked in the ass with an EU standard marrow by Brussels. Incidentally handing over tax payers money in exchange for a damn good ass poking is what got Mark Oaten into trouble… you should learn from that.

The danger in all this, for us, is not ditching New Labour. The danger is failing to understand that New Labour in 2007 won't be New Labour in 1997.

Yup…. God willing they won’t be in power.

10 years ago I would have described re-linking the BSP with earnings as "Old Labour". Our aim is by 2012, but by the end of the next Parliament at the latest - we are going to do it. Rodney Bickerstaffe has become New Labour. Or have I become Old Labour? 10 years ago, if you had asked me to put environmental obligations on business, I would have been horrified. Now I'm advocating it.

Until the trade unions say that they don’t want it of course…. Then you’ll cave faster than the French.

I would have baulked at restrictions on advertising junk food to children. Today I say unless a voluntary code works, we will legislate for it. 10 years ago I parked the issue of nuclear power. Today, I believe without it, we are going to face an energy crisis and we can't let that happen.

And trust me Tone the tub thumping lefties in your party won’t let that happen. For fuck’s sake you can’t even get your Schools Bill through without Tory support and enough watering down to drown a fucking hippo. Nuclear power is an absolute anathema to the left… they’re not going to let you, Brown or anyone build more nuclear power.

Over the next year we are reviewing every aspect of our economic policy, not because we were wrong in the past, but because whether in tax and spending, regulation, planning, enterprise, the question is not about our competitiveness in the last 10 years, but in the next 10.

Or the way I read it…. We were wrong in the past.

More as I write

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Prodicus said...

They’ll have to go abroad to go to university after 10 years of further Labour rule since it will be far too expensive here and they won’t be allowed to protest about anything.

And our universities won't be worth going to, even for bright but illiterate (and betrayed) teenagers with rigged and worthless A levels, so they will twig and look abroad for universities which retain some semblance of intellectual rigour. After graduating, they'll decide that overtaxed, anti-democratic, dhimmi Britain is a lousy bet and they'll decide to live and work somewhere else, too. But why am I pitching this in the future? It's already happening. Nice one, Tone.