Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I Thought 'Control Order' Implied Control


The home secretary is under pressure to make a statement about the UK's use of control orders after it emerged two terror suspects had gone on the run. Shadow home secretary David Davis says John Reid should explain to MPs how the pair could have escaped, in what he described as "a piece of incompetence".

Actually I would have used the phrase “Further piece of incompetence”. As many Guttersnipes will recall Rambo said that he had 100 days to fix the Home Office, and those 100 days expired on 1st September.

Is the Home Office fixed? Is it bollocks! In addition to the fact that we still have a collection of foreign loonies, robbers, murderers and terrorists that should be deported (and therefore should be someone else’s problem) running around on the loose we now have two more who think that British laws don’t apply to them.

The suspects include a British man who fled through a window of a mental health unit two weeks ago. Minister Tony McNulty says a stronger version of the orders may be necessary.

No we do not need stronger control orders you twat! What we need is for your services, for which we elected you to be responsible, to be actually implemented!

Here are some further details on control orders: Source

“Control orders contain conditions restricting the behaviour and movement of the recipient. In some cases, they effectively allow the authorities to keep suspects under house arrest.”

So as we can see, they already have the strength to keep someone under House Arrest it’s just that the wannabe martyr in question wasn‘t kept under house arrest. What stronger control orders would you like Mr. McNulty? How much are we betting that this is going back to detention without charge eh?

You have the laws to do the job… just do the fecking job will you?

A major police investigation is ongoing after the men's disappearance, and it is understood ports and airports have been notified. The British suspect, who is of Pakistani descent, is accused by the authorities of wanting to go to Iraq to fight. He had been subject to a control order since March. The second man, an Iraqi, is thought to have been missing for some months.

Some months? Let me get this straight right… there is a control order on this person because he is a terror suspect and the evidence we have would either reveal intelligence sources or has been obtained by bugging and therefore inadmissible in court. We know this miscreant is up to something we just can’t try him for it. Fair enough.

When he does a fecking runner off to freedom why is the public not made aware that this dangerous enemy of the state is on the loose? Why are wanted posters not up? Why are we not seeing his mush all over Crimestoppers? Why is Nick Ross not saying “This terrorist is loose amongst you, don’t approach him and contact Special Branch”?

Would it be because that would make Reid’s “fix the Home Office” bid look a bit shit?

But Mr Davis denounced the episode as "extraordinary" and "essentially another failure in the Home Office". He said the government had been warned about "weaknesses" in the operation of the orders and he was "really rather surprised that we weren't told about this". "It's incredibly serious," he told the BBC. "It's more than an embarrassment. These are people they describe as being a danger to the public.

See? What he said…

Meanwhile, Mr McNulty, a Home Office minister, said there may be a need for a stronger version of control orders which would depart from the European Convention on Human Rights. He told BBC Two's Newsnight: "We'll keep this under review. We have provision in the law for a different form of control orders and at this stage we don't rule either in or out."

It doesn’t fecking matter what laws you have if you’re not enforcing them? This guy didn’t trip a loophole in the system, this guy went out of a bathroom fecking window. The law wouldn’t have prevented this, the enforcement of the law would have though.

Asked why the Home Office had not told the public earlier about the suspects' escapes, he said: "I can say very clearly and assure people that the people who needed to know in both cases have known." In response to suggestions the two suspects could carry out an attack at any time, Mr McNulty said: "On balance, I don't think that's the case at all."

People who need to know? I need to know that there are not a number a free roaming terrorists getting together to blow me to kingdom come… I didn’t know this.

And if they’re not planning any attacks as you seem so confident in saying McNutball then why the feck are they locked up on a control order?


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