Friday, August 04, 2006

28 Days left and Reid Still Useless

"I haven't got a fecking clue me"

Daily Mail:

“Home Secretary John Reid today lost his Court of Appeal battle over the legal power to take away the right of nine Afghan hijackers to work and enjoy other freedoms in the UK.”

So in addition to Reid being unable to deport any old Tom, Dick or Abdul that hijacks a plane he now can’t make life difficult for them living in the UK either.

I’d like to feel sorry for him I would. But it’s his laws that he put down that have caused this bollocks simply because he was wanting to clothe himself in human rights legislation to appease every liberal mind on the planet, until it backfired on him.

This has been the signature of this Labour government and similar to all Labour governments before is that they come in with leftie ideals and a dream of what should go on but they just fuck everything up because they have no appreciation of how anything works.

The only difference with this government is that they’re actually still around when the shit hits the fan.

Naturally Blair and Reid blaming the justice system and the judges. So the judges have had the following to say


“In Friday's appeal court ruling, Lord Justice Brooke said: "Judges and adjudicators have to apply the law as they find it, and not as they might wish it to be.
"So far as the powers of the Home Secretary are concerned, the challenges created by the respondents' presence in this country have been apparent ever since they landed here over six years ago.
"There has been ample time for the Home Secretary to obtain appropriate Parliamentary authority, if he wished to be clothed with the powers he gave to himself without parliamentary sanction."

Translate that as “Fuck off boys we’re not carrying the can”

Remember Guttersnipes when Reid sailed into the Home Office he said “No More Cock-Ups” and that he would fix it in 100 days.

He has 28 days left.


Anonymous said...

I can't work up any sympathy for this schmuck. As you rightly say they introduced the Human Rights Act and were warned of it's consequences. On a related note we have the case of Toni Ann Byfield. The daughter of a crack dealer who was gunned down by another crack head. She was Jamaican and was here illegally. If the government had deported her she would possibly still be alive today. The Human Rights Act worked against her on this occasion. Sadly the morons in charge can't act like men and repeal this disasterous legislation. Not surprising though when Blair's unfeasibly hideous wife has made so many thousands out of the law!

Ellee Seymour said...

You can't as a government interfere with the laws of the lands you have made.