Tuesday, August 22, 2006

BBC Goes the Extra Mile in Lebanon

Read Those Words.... [Emphasis mine - RG]

"When Um Ali Mihdi returned to her home in the southern Lebanese city of Bint Jbeil two days ago, she found a 1,000lb (450kg) Israeli bomb lying unexploded in her living room.

The shell is huge, bigger than the young boy pushed forward to stand reluctantly next to it while we get our cameras out and record the scene for posterity. "

And all this can be done because of the unique way the BBC is funded.

Jesus Fucking Christ!!!! I'm lost for words... I really am.


ScotsToryB said...

Would they have reported the facts if the poor child had been blown up?


Ranting Guttersnipe said...

Probably but it would have been "Lebanese Child Killed By Israeli Shell"

Bishop Hill said...

Would a BBC journalist do this to a British child or is it only foreign kiddies they would endanger in this way.

Serf said...

On another point. Is it possible that a piece of ordinance the size of a small child can weigh 1000lb? I am no expert, but I doubt it.