Friday, August 18, 2006

"Sitting on a Mine On The Maginot Line"


The United Nations hopes to begin deploying the first 3,500 troops in a new UN force in Lebanon within two weeks to monitor a fragile truce, providing France provides the backbone for the contingent.

Right… let’s have a lok at the big picture here.

As we all know, Hezbollah is backed by Iran. So we have a tyrannical anti-semitic leader of a country dedicated to the removal of the Jewish people amongst their nearby territory.

We have a leader who is apparently rearming his country against the wishes of the international community and against the terms of certain treaties.

The French have such a stunning track record in this area don’t they?

France is considered the likely leader of the force because it has a strong army, can deploy troops quickly and has relative credibility in the Arab world, in part because of its opposition to the US-British invasion of Iraq.

Leader of the force? I can just see them frantically building the Maginot Line again. Jesus fecking Christ what are these people thinking?

Strong Army? Let me refer you to the
“Complete Military History of France”.

Once the Lebanese army controls most of the south, the aim it to implement a September 2004 resolution, which calls for the disarmament of all militia, such as Hizbollah. This is to be done by the Lebanese army, assisted by UN troops. But Lebanon's defence minister Elias al-Murr said the army would not disarm Hizbollah. France's foreign minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy said his troops would not do it either.

As the song says, it’s all just a little bit of history repeating itself. Guttersnipe is buying a bunker.


ScotsToryB said...

Is the the same France that succoured that famous liberal Ayatollah Khomeini?

Mr Eugenides said...

I wouldn't worry, Spleen - they've, er, retreated on their pledge, and have only sent 200 soldiers so far...

hans nees said...

France is the country where every citizen must learn a minmum amount of German before their second year. The minimum? Kamerad.