Friday, August 11, 2006

Not Quite the Day to Bury Bad News Was It?


MP sorry for 'inbreeding' remarks

A Labour MP has apologised after saying inbreeding may be partly to blame for a rise in cases of diabetes in his Norfolk constituency.

I’ll bet he has…. What a moron!

Inter-family relationships could have led to a sharing of a gene linked to the condition, said former science lecturer Ian Gibson.
A consultant at a local hospital said the remarks were "disgraceful".
That prompted an apology from Mr Gibson, who said he had never meant to cause any offence.

Now that’s a fine sentiment Mr. Gibson but let’s look at it this way. He was a former science lecturer, responsible for teaching some of our brightest and best as they tentatively make their way out into the hostile world.

Guttersnipe would like to remind Mr. Gibson of a couple of basic scientific issues:

1. Every action has a reaction
2. Cause leads to effect.

Did the man really not think that telling his constituents that their diabetes is the result of their daughter, sister and wife being the same girl would lead to offence? Really? What the feck were you thinking Gibbo?

The comments angered Dr Ketan Dhatariya, a diabetologist at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Do we think he was angered by the fact that after years of research he’d completely missed the blindingly obvious inbreeding point? Nope I didn’t think so.

He told the Eastern Daily Press newspaper: "It's an insult to people with type-1 diabetes and their families and it's an insult to people in Norfolk.

Quite… I’ll bet former parliamentary candidate for North Norfolk and current A-lister Iain Dale wouldn’t have said anything like that.

On Friday, Mr Gibson told BBC Radio 4's Today programme he wished he had never made his original comments.

No shit twatknackers… most of the people in Norfolk wish you’d never been let near a journalist. I’ll bet you can see your majority just surfing away can’t you.

"It's obviously caused a lot of offence and for that I unreservedly apologise," he said.
Words like inbreeding and outbreeding were professional genetic terms he said but for the public they had different connotations, he said.

But let’s not forget that they mean exactly the same thing in genetics as they do to the public…

So… Labour MP thinks that the people of Norfolk are inbreds and inbreeders, Tony Blair hates the Welsh and Tony Banks hates his constituents.

Oh and Prescott punches the electorate… don’t ya just love em.


Devil's Kitchen said...


I'm sorry but you, like the rest of the country, are entirely wrong here. Please go and research the Founder Effect and you might start to get a grasp on what he is talking about.

It is stuff all to do with marrying your sister; if only laymen would bother to do a little more research and a little less jumping to conclusions then those who know what they are talking about might be taken a little more seriously. I do.


Ranting Guttersnipe said...


You disappoint me. The Spleen is all about jumping to reactionary conclusions, especially when it drops a Labour MP in it.

As you remind visitors to the Kitchen if you're looking for balanced informed debate go see Iain Dale.

Keep up the good work

Devil's Kitchen said...

Hoist by my own petard...!


Anonymous said...

Jenny Drakard is a twat.