Monday, August 21, 2006

Meme Of 3

Like Mr. Cleverley (who passed this to me) I am not usually in the habit of doing this sort of thing. However as James’ evil twin I should do as my twin does (although more evil). Have a read and see if you can get any closer to Guttersnip'es secret identity.

1... Things that scare me

- Corpses
- Dentists
- ID Cards

2.…People who make me laugh

- Billy Connolly
- Jeremy Hardy
- The Late Linda Smith

3...Things I hate the most

- Marmite
- “Historian” Alison Weir
- Cheese

4...Things I don't understand

- Why, after over 2,000 years of death, we still have religions
- How Prescott pulled a woman 20 years younger than him
- Vegans

5...Things I'm doing right now

- Working like the work junkie I am
- Reading another Dirk Pitt adventure
- Aching

6...Things I want to do before I die

- Parachute Jump into Arnhem
- Sail a Tall Ship
- Visit Auschwitz

7... Things I can do

- Juggle fire
- Shoot 16 arrows a minute from my l0ngbow
- Obtain a Sherman Tank at short notice

8... Ways to describe my personality

- Loud
- Fun
- Direct

9. Things I can't do

- Sew
- Get a comment on BBC Have Your Say
- Any form of DIY

10...Things I think you should listen to

- History
- Your Father
- Terry Wogan

11...Things you should never listen to

- Radio 1
- George Galloway
- Hazel “Squirrel faced Shite Talker” Blears

12...Things I'd like to learn

- Jousting
- What really happened to the Princes in the Tower
- Latin

13...Favorite foods

- Chocolate Buttons
- Steaks
- KFC Chicken

14...Beverages I drink regularly

- Tea
- Real Ale
- Port

15...Shows I watched as a kid

- Chorlton & The Wheelies
- Trap Door
- Swap Shop

16...People I'm tagging (to do this meme)

- DK of Devil’s Kitchen
- Prodicus
- Ellee Seymour


Umbongo said...

Surprising meme: for instance, Jeremy Hardy makes you laugh and there's his soulmate George Galloway in the three you should never listen to. I would put it the other way round: GG makes me laugh and JH should never be listened to.

Ranting Guttersnipe said...

While I disagree with Jeremy Hardy's stance on Palestine for instance, amongst other things, he is an incredibly witty and humerous man. George Galloway is just an opportunistic tub thumping lefty who one would hope would go away if we all ignored him. It seemed to work for Kilroy Silk