Thursday, August 31, 2006

Polly On The Edge

Polly's on the Edge now that the wheels are falling off the Labour Party. It stands to reason that nobody is going to have a nice word to say about Blair and that Cameron would have to be Hitler to make anything worse... what will she write about when the Conservatives are making things better?

In the mean time she's feeling sorry for old socialists..

Pity Labour's wretched foot soldiers, looking ahead gloomily to the party conference.

Nope… I don’t pity them. These wretched foot soldiers are all part of that sickeningly power crazed corrupt that is New Labour. Pity them? They ought to be hanged. No doubt they’ll bleat that tired old bollocks of “we are Old Labour”, well that’s just horseshit as they have willingly participated in having their ideals pissed up the wall in exchange for power and tax payer’s money. Pity them? Don’t make me fecking laugh!

They are doggedly loyal, the few activists left after last May's massacre of local councillors, facing next May's near-certain slaughter in more councils and heavy losses in the Welsh assembly and Scottish parliament. With Labour now between seven and nine points behind in the polls, who do they blame for the state of their party?

Anybody but themselves I’ll bet. Blair’s bad of course, really bad but let’s be honest. If Old Labour got their way we would have been looking at a decent Tory majority by now. Blame yourselves! Take responsibility for what you unleashed on the world. As a party you are viewed as an unpopular, unprincipled group of power cravers frankly because you are an unpopular, unprincipled group of power cravers. Or is it just the voting public that are wrong?

Is it the boat-rockers pressing too impatiently for the quick departure of a leader whose third victory was a mere 15 months ago? Or is the ship sinking through refusal to drop the pilot still steering them on to the rocks, shipping more water every day he stays?

OK Polly we’ve kinda got the message that you want Blair out. We understand. But really, who is going to replace him to secure that fourth term victory you’re so desperately looking for. Would it be your One-eyed “further behind Cameron in the polls than Blair is” Norse fucking Gobblin King? Eh? Would it? WAKE THE FUCK UP WOMAN!!!

Tipping the boat on one side, Stephen Byers' latest assault in the Times from the Blairite extreme is outrageously provocative, demanding to cement the future long after the leader has gone.

Blairite extremism? That sounds worrying.

On the other side, the remnants of the old left, led by Derek Simpson of Amicus, flirt with the dear dead days of "classic Labour", while the leftist Peter Wilby, in his Guardian article yesterday, writes "I'm almost looking forward to a Labour defeat".

He’s not the only one either…

That yearning for New Labour's demise in order to "renew" on the opposition benches is urged in certain leftist gatherings. Do they really want at least two terms out of office amid renewed ideological warfare, while Tory tax and spending cuts reverse the gains for poor families and pensioners?

Reverse the gains? Reverse? Oh for fuck’s sake Polly. Pensioners have lost out because the Cyclops who Johnson you’d so long to gobble has fucking taxed their pension funds. So pensioners had tax free investment before and now don’t. How in the name of everything sacred is that a gain? Poor families are hamstrung into dependency on the welfare state, it leeches away self-respect, it leeches away responsibility. How is that a gain? Jesus… Polly try spending a few months living off the state then you might not have such a rosy idea of the benefits.

Despite radar silence all summer from Gordon Brown on paternity leave, Tony Blair bounced back from holiday to launch a noisy pre-emptive strike on him.

Actually I think he bounced back from holiday to get Byers to launch an attack on him. But really.. if you’re going to launch an attack on the Chancellor to create this idea of doom after Blair are you really going to use one of the people who personifies doom under Blair? I doubt it.

Every word Byers wrote implied that Brown is some kind of old Labour warhorse waiting to hoist the red flag in Downing Street

Which merely confirmed what I had thought before. So Blair is staying which naturally Pol thinks is a bad idea for her getting her love nest in Downing Street… she has to respond.

Let's deal with the key delusions first. Talk to Middle East experts and no one thinks Blair's role in Lebanon significant.

Does anyone in the Middle East think Brown is important either?

Bush won't talk to Syria, so there will be no breakthrough until Bush goes.

And I imagine we will continue to not talk to Syria until they stop state-sponsoring the detonation of our public transport systems.

As for Palestine, whatever Blair's role, the Israelis won't talk to Hamas, so nothing will happen in one year.

So let them get on with it. Maybe if the UN hadn’t stuck their anti-semitic nose in we would be a step closer to peace in the Middle East since Israel would have killed all the jihadists in Lebanon. But since the left won’t allow that to happen instead we’re a step closer to Sharia Law in the West. Thanks Guys!

Energy? No nuclear power station contracts will be signed within a year (or ever) unless Blair plans gigantic subsidies, so far denied.

Why not let the private sector work it out? Markets work. If someone were to start selling pandas as food there would be no hint of extinction. Do we really think that when the oil runs out that Shell, Esso, BP etc are going to go our of business? Are they bollocks! They will diversify just as IBM have done. IBM started out making Bacon Slicers until there was no more market for them so they moved into typewriters and computers. The rest as they say is history.

The NHS? The IT system may eventually work and hospital closures are necessary - but one year from now will still see turmoil as the internal market bites.

The IT system will never work because it is public sector, and anyone with an ounce of talent in the IT industry gets a decent job in the private sector because the money is better. So.. the most ambitious project we’ve seen is being run by the most clueless people in the industry. We cannot seem to network the medical records etc of surgeries, hospitals and clinics in the UK yet walk into HSBC in Thailand and they will be able to pull your account up on the screen straight away, why? Good quality, well paid, private sector IT staff.

The Blair camp admits the party can't take another year of this debilitating internal row while the Tories surge ahead.

The party will survive this just fine… it just won’t be in power which I think is the root problem in these people.

Remember this: when Thatcher fell she still had a 48% satisfaction rating, yet her time was up and most of her party knew it; Blair's satisfaction rating is 23%. There is a time and tide in politics, and his people say Blair well knows his time is up too. Yet still he can't let go.

No…. he just won’t let go… power-crazed dictatorial fecktard that he is.


Devil's Kitchen said...


As I highlighted a while back, Scotland already has an NHS Database and booking system that works. How do I know? Right For Scotland was the lead consultant on it for four years.

Why won't they sell the system to the NHS in England? Internecine rivalry, that's why. Thus the Civil Service in Scotland is prepared to see £6.5 billion (and growing) pissed up the wall, just to get one up on their southern cousins. That's what I call getting the best deal for taxpayers, eh?

Now that is what wouldn't happen in a private company...


Prodicus said...

Delicious stuff. Are you reading my mind? Been away for a couple of days and jeepers, I missed this blog.