Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Who Is Charles Clarke Accountable To?

Charles Clarke has told the Eastern Daily Press:
"My own political future depends on my own strength of character dealing with the points that are raised, first.
"Secondly (it depends) on the support of my own political colleagues, and thirdly and most importantly, on the decisions of the Prime Minister.
"If I lost that support, that would be different. I hope I will continue as Home Secretary."
No mention of the support of the voting public then?

He added:
"We have still got some challenges which still need to be completed and I think
I am the best person to carry that through."
Well as my previous posts show - we disagree Charlie!

Am I the only one in the country thinking that we should have the right to fire this idiot? We're paying his wages after all.

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Kate said...

Totally agree, he should be sacked asap.