Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Look to Labour's Record in Power

According to BBCi, Tony Blair has urged voters to look at Labour's record in government rather than the latest headlines ahead of the local elections in England.

Let's take a look at Labour's record in power shall we?

- Selling Peerages
- Release of 1,023 prisoners who should have been considered for deportation.
- John Prescott fails to pay Council Tax
- Over half the country now dependent on the state.
- Terrorism has increased
- Crime has increased
- Truancy has increased
- Illiteracy has increased
- Electoral Fraud has increased
- Immigration out of control
- EU Rebate steadily handed back
- Cuts in defence yet we have had more wars

I'm sure I could go on.... I'm reminded of the much loathed 'New Labour.. New Danger" poster of old. Well to all you Labour voters out there... we told you so.

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