Thursday, May 04, 2006

Peerages Row Names Hain

From BBCi (later than expected, see Iain Dale):

"Mr Law was offered a peerage not to stand against Labour in Blaenau Gwent at the last general election, Plaid's Commons leader Elfyn Llwyd claimed. "

"Mr Llwyd's allegation was made during Commons business questions. He said Mr Hain was acting on the authority of the Prime Minister. "

"Mr Llwyd told MPs: "New Labour, in an effort to prevent him from standing for Parliament, offered him a peerage.

"The man named as being responsible is the Secretary of State for Wales who made the offer on the specific authority of the Prime Minister."

Mr Llwyd demanded a debate on the "corrupt practice". "

Tony Blair had previously claimed that he knew nothing of these practices and that all that sort fo thing went through Jack Dromey (who I doubt is going to disappear quietly).

I would like to know what information actually does reach the PM, apparently this doesn't inlcude appointment of peerages or the release of foreign prisoners.

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