Friday, April 28, 2006

63% Want Clarke Sacked

In today's Guardian:

"A Populus poll for the BBC's Daily Politics programme found that 63% of people felt that Tony Blair should fire Mr Clarke for the Home Office's failure to consider deporting 1,023 foreign criminals after they had been released from prison."

"Mr Blair yesterday again rejected calls for Mr Clarke to be sacked, a demand repeated today by the Tory leader, David Cameron."

Public opinion means as much as it usually does then.

If the head of Group 4 had released 1,023 prisoners incorrectly he would have been sacked.

If the head of BUPA had declared in the midst of a £800m financial crisis "we're having the best year ever" he would have been sacked.

The fact that these people remain in office shows that the Labour Party view us with as much contempt as we hold them.

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