Friday, May 12, 2006

Apparently Ming Will Be Gone Within a Year

Todays Telegraph carries an interesting piece on the further comedy of the Liberal Democrats:

"Sir Menzies Campbell has been forced to apologise for his poor performance as Liberal Democrat leader."

"The failures at Prime Minister's Questions, including another lacklustre performance this week against a weakened Tony Blair, have bemused friends and foes alike given his background as a barrister and QC."

"But some Lib Dems are now privately convinced that they will have new leader within a year, with Nick Clegg, 39, the so-called Lib Dem answer to David Cameron and the party's home affairs spokesman, as the frontrunner."Ming will be gone within a year," said one Lib Dem MP."

Looks like all is not well in the LibDim camp. Having reshuffles? preparing the knives? Awww they're like a government... I was truly surprised on Question Time last night when Ming said "David Cameron tells Tories one thing and Liberals another" - they've never done this have they?

Hat tip Guido for inspiring the pic

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