Tuesday, May 02, 2006

48 Hours to Save the Labour Party?

From Sky News:

With Labour facing "it's worst council results in 40 years" Tony Blair is hitting the campaign trail. with now less than 48 hours before the polls open he has a mountain to climb to win back public support after the
Charles Clarke's catastrophic Home Office debacle and John Prescott's alleged multiple affairs.

This raises some questions for me, namely:
1. Is Tony Blair really the finest electoral asset the Labour party has? The man that has been removed from election leaflets, the man that has many people voting Tory just to get rid of him rather than Labour.

2. Where is the slightly better electoral asset that they have in Gordon Brown? Is he still in Africa (when did he last take an interest in Britain?) sunning himself with Angelina Jolie. Incidentally Angelina Jolie has been saying what a wonderful Prime Minister GB would make, isn't she the woman whose judgement is so sound she married Billy Bob Thornton?

To add to all this Prescott is getting out on the campaign trail as well. Where's Alistair Campbell when they need him?

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