Friday, May 05, 2006

Labour's Pre-arranged Election Defeat Soundbites

"It was a difficult time and "lessons had to be learned", he said. " - Tony Blair May 2004 after Labour lost 479 council seats

"We have got to listen to the people and respond wisely and sensibly." - Tony Blair May 2005 after Labour lost 100 seats

"The results were a "warning shot" for the government and that the Labour party had to "renew" itself to deal with the challenges of the future. " - Gordon Brown after May 2006 local elections where Labour lost 250+ seats

Saying roughly the same message now (I mean how many warning shots do they need?) as then but notice who is doing the talking now? Note the use of the phrase needs to "renew" - it doesn't come much more blatant than that does it?

"He indicated he would be talking to the prime minister at the weekend about the way forward." - just who's actually in charge now? I imagine that Mr. Brown's way forward will probably have Teflon Tone moving forward and out of the door.

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