Monday, May 01, 2006

The John Prescott Issue is Not Personal and Private - Here's Why....

In the case of any normal sex scandal, or even a couple of the Liberal Democrat ones I've always held the opinion that these sorts of things are a private matter. The fact that Boris Johnson had an affair didn't bother me in the slightest, nor did any of the stories about Mark Oaten... each to his own.

But I'm now tired of the Labour party throwing out the defence of "well this is a matter for John and Pauline". It's wrong. Prescott can sleep with as many secretaries as he likes, but now that we have had allegations of sexual harrasment, lifting up his secretray's skirt in meetings, having sex in office hours in the middle of work and so on and so on we have a right to know. We have the right to an enquiry. We, after all, are his employers.

I challenge you all, go to work tomorrow and give your secretary a right good seeing to on your desk and see how long your job lasts. They wouldn't even let you reach climax. Even if nothing had been proved yet you would be out on suspension.

If we make the slightest racy comment, have a Page 3 pinup at work or even hold a door open for a lady we get thrown around on charges of sexual discrimination or harrasment.

Charges that these tossers in power have landed us with in their quest for diversity.

So why is it then that the laws do not apply to the Deputy Prime Minister? Why?

It's time we had an enquiry into this, an enquiry that doesn't report to the Prime Minister. It's time that man was barred from office on suspension, and it's time they stopped clinging on to their jobs for the boys.

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