Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is The Sun Setting For Blair?

We've all heard the great Sun Headline "It's the Sun Wot Won It". The truth being that it's not the Sun telling it's readers how to vote, Murdoch's far cleverer than that. The Sun prints what its readers want to read. As such, as the biggest selling newspaper, it is a good indicator of the public mood.

Sister paper The Times has been overly critical of Blair and Labour as a whole for months now, and it seems finally that the Sun has lost its rag with Teflon Tone. Today it has steered away from blaming all politicians and has pointed squarely at Labour. About time too!

"The flood of illegal immigrants was a trickle when Labour took power.
It exploded nightly on TV as France funnelled its unwanted flotsam across the Channel.
Not a finger was lifted as they poured through gaps in the fence, boarded ferries, hid in trucks and jumped on the Eurostar to Blighty.
Ministers sat on their hands and — disgracefully — branded critics “racist” . . . until elections loomed."

"They ignored the fury of their own supporters as illegals jumped the queue for homes and welfare.
Evidence of soaring AIDS and TB was swept under the carpet.
Now the PM and Home Secretary Charles Clarke claim they acted the moment the alarm was raised in July by Audit Office watchdogs.

With the General Election as far away as 2009 there's plenty of time for the Sun to point out every failing they can see to the biggest readership in the country. They have started today with a barrage of questions.

"WHY violent illegals earmarked for deportation are freed after serving half their time.
WHY their human rights come ahead of those they attack and rob.
WHY their right to residency or asylum is not revoked the moment they are convicted.
WHY criminals who destroy their papers are not kept in jail until they reveal their nationality.
And most damningly of all, why hasn’t Charles Clarke been sacked? "
Remember Sun Editors print what sells newspapers so go out and buy the Sun today and keep this kind of journalism going for Labour's throat.

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