Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tories: We'll Scrap ID Cards

And about bloody time….

Ever since this fruitbat scheme started it has been a complete waste of taxpayers money. A waste of our money.. your money and it is about time the whole fecking thing was taken out back and shown the bins.

What gets me is that the government so far have managed to spend nearly 60 million quid and haven’t produced a single scrap of evidence to show that it will do anything they are claiming it will do.

Examples are:

Tackle illegal immigration – how exactly will it do this? Foreign nationals aren’t required to carry one therefore how do you tell? Are we going to wander round the country deporting foreign tourists? Are we deporting legal immigrants as well? If they can get a job in the Home Office then I’m sure they can get an ID card.

Combat identity fraud – unlikely given that the first thing that will be hacked will be the identity database. I’m not a computer man but I’m sure that it’s crackable. Smacks a lot of what they said about the Titanic.

Tackle terrorism – Not unless they come in the form of a portable bomb shelter they won’t. Spain has identity cards and Spain, as you might recall, had a rather large train explosion. ID Cards sorting terrorism? It’s frankly just bollocks.

Of course there are a couple of areas where they will work brilliantly. These are of course in raising money for the government and allowing the government to keep a record of everyone who crosses them.

Not being one to be left out of the papers of late… The celtic cockmonger (and by that I do mean someone who makes and sells cock) Reid has had a good old hitback at David Cameron with his usual words of "talk tough while acting soft".

This will be opposed to Reid's usual modus operandi of try to look tough while acting soft or looking tough in the Daily Star while doing fuck all apart from enjoying a ministerial salary.

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