Friday, February 02, 2007

Priorities, Priorities, Priorities...

I don't give a bollocks me...
I would like to get up on a morning and not have to rant about Reid. After all it makes the Spleen rather “same old same old” but the guy just never gives me a break.

Today is no different…. I look at the news this morning and the useless twattard is all over the place grabbing a new headline.

To recap for those of you who either have been living in a cave and missed all the country’s troubles, or those of you who are Hazel Blears and are programmed not to acknowledge these things, we have the following major issues in the Home Office:

- People we should have deported are at liberty to murder police officers
- There is no room in the prisons for sex offenders and persistent reoffenders, no doubt this is because of the number of Council Tax protestors in there.
- We have a dangerous level of illegal immigration
- We do not know where many sex offenders are

So it’s understandable that Rambo should spring into action….


“Home Secretary John Reid is to make another attempt to extend the 28-day limit on holding terrorism suspects without charge.”

Jesus fecking Christ… PRIORITIES MAN!
Why the hell is this man obsessed with internment? And even if he manages to get 90 days detention without charge where the reddybollocks is he going to keep these people? Eh? There’s no fecking rooms in prisons any more and if you have special detention centres for every Tom, Dick and Abdul you want to give a 3 month visit to then don’t you think we should maybe put some prisoners in them?

100 days to fix the Home Office he said… sounds awfully like 24 hours to save the NHS doesn’t it? And neither has been improved.

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