Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh God... It's Worse Than Milliband

The Sun:

A friend of the Chancellor said: “Gordon will not be backing any one candidate in the race. However, we think it’s good if there is a strong female candidate. It is also true that he holds Hazel in high regard for her work in the party in recent months.”

OK you may have noticed that I am no fan of Squirrel fucking Nutkin (as my good man the Snob would call her
here and here) but jesus, Deputy leader of the Labour Party and therefore a good chance of Deputy Prime Minister??? I know I have always thought of our Chancellor as a celtic swivel eyed goon but has the man finally gone over the top? Has all that Toynbee soaked praise made him go off his tax obsessed tits?

I mean Blears man…. Fecking Nora… Blears???

“Her supporters say the fact she is English will help to counter balance the strong Scottish streak that will run through a Brown government.”

Yeah… a 4’10” weasel faced moron is going to counter the balance a treat don’t you think? The Old Labour squad must be fucking decimated now. There they were desperately hoping that Brown was going to head back to the good old days.. you know.. Unions, strikes, 3 day weeks, opposition benches and now he rolls out the arch fecking Blair mouthpiece to smile, nod accordingly and generally annoy the feck out of all of us.

At least they can’t be criticised for being “all about image” as they would do the Tories if they’re fronted by Bagpuss the Cyclops and that face like a well smacked arse that is Blears.

The only other woman in the race, Harriet Harman, has failed to gain any momentum and has antagonised Mr Brown.

She has probably failed to get momentum because her entire manifesto has been “elect me because a woman should have the job” (much like her all women shortlist election to parliamentary seat I imagine). But she hasn’t yet explained to anyone why it should be a woman, and if indeed it should be a woman then why her.

The Tories must be over the moon!

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