Friday, November 03, 2006

The Best Defence.... is sadly not ours...


The armed forces are understaffed, with rising numbers of personnel quitting early, the government has been warned.

A National Audit Office report says they are having to cope with operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans while being 5,170 below strength.

The MoD agreed operating at this level meant "additional strains" on staff, but denied forces were overstretched.

Of course the armed forces are under strength. We knew the armed forces would be under strength from the moment that New Labour New Tossers got in charge. The left hates the armed forces and yet throws them into anything it can find.

Now I’m not saying we don’t get involved in wars under the Tories, far from it. There’s cuts too.. but it’s the considered opinion that the right sees Defence as being the defence of Britain, New Labour seem to see defence as any opportunity to shoot some brown people or do what America says…

Let’s look over a few historic conflicts:

- World War 2: Britain’s interests and even British soil under threat from foreign despotic invasion. We become involved in war.
- Suez: Egypt renationalises British industry on threat of force. British interests seized. We become involved in war
- Falklands: British territory invaded by despotic foreign power. Britain responds.
- Gulf 1: Britain asked by both Kuwait and America to intervene.

See? Only one of those wars was not directly the defence of British interests, we didn’t get involved in Vietnam, Nicaragua, Grenada etc etc. Now let’s see what happens when we put Labour in charge.

- East Timor: Nothing to do with us
- Sierra Leone: Nothing to do with us
- Kosovo: Nothing to do with us
- Afghanistan: Possible retaliation for British deaths in 9/11
- Gulf II: Nothing to do with us

Are we seeing a pattern here? They’re cutting the armed forces and throwing us into more conflicts than we need to be involved in. I saw this coming, I fail to believe that they didn’t see it coming.

Either they were caught by surprise on this score in which case they are unfit for government, or they just don’t give a donkey’s arse about the armed forces and therefore the defence of the realm they are tasked with.

In which case they are unfit for government.

It is Remembrance Sunday in 9 days time. These people should think long and hard.


james higham said...

It's an utter disgrace. I ahve consistently been posting on the travesty and indeed it is Remembrance Sunday coming up. But 'they' won't reflect on the substance of this post one little bit.

e said...

Thinking isn't enough, we shouldn't be in Iraq, what violence with break out happen when Saddam is hanged? Will our servicemen and women be targets for murderous attacks?

dr crackers said...

This underfunding of the Armed Forces is murder by another name. Murder by Blair/Brown of our soldiers. Blair's vainglorious ego disguised as 'moral code' has used our soldiers in futherance of personal ambition to strut world stage, impress Bush and his Parish Priest. Saving his fucking soul with our soldiers' blood. Then having commited the forces to these conflicts, he does not order Brown to increase funding. He leaves it to fuckwit Hoon. Standing in the dock with them should be career soldiers (Jackson) and MOD mandarins who like Scarlett) do not tell their political bosses the facts but simply what they want to hear. They too have blood on their hands. Bloody criminals.

kris said...

This government really thinks it knows better than the leaders on the ground. They didn't listen to Col Tim Collins and they haven't really listened to Gen Dannat.

This war is being run by labour like it is some sort of council restructure! they want the troops to do more and more with less and less- and people are dying because of labour's incompetence.

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