Friday, November 03, 2006

Labour, As Usual, Misses The Point...

Cameron’s in the firing line again for what the New Labour political opportunists and fucktards are calling the “Love a Lout” speech. I note that their creativity and wit knows no bounds.

Now I’m a broad backer of Cameron’s stance and like most of the intelligent people in this country, i.e. everyone except Labour voters, Scottish Socialists and readers of the Daily Mirror, oh and anyone in a trade union, I can see the root message.

This isn’t about the state taking offending kids and giving them a great big hug, a mug of horlicks and a bedtime story. It’s about getting parents to sort their fucking families out, and if government provides them a way to do that then all well and good.

At no point has Cameron said “we’re doing away with punishment and giving all criminals free money”, the Guardian says that not the Tories.

As per fucking usual that blit McNulty has waded in demonstrating all the understanding and insight of the offspring of an Orang-Utan and Hazel Blears.

“But Mr McNulty claimed Mr Cameron had "a gimmick and he's looking for another vehicle to put that gimmick on, which isn't terribly mature".
"When you look in substance behind the fluffy bunny language there's not much there," he told BBC Radio 4's The World at One.“

This from the party that has given out ASBOs like they are fucking confetti, which most of them will become since the yoof are just tearing them into shreds. This from the party that gave us “tough on the causes of crime” when what it actually means is “tough on the victims of crime”. Fuck all of you.

Ratfeck twat McNulty contined:
“"He says he wants a more powerful society and then... he doesn't understand where the state fits in," Mr McNulty added.”

The state fucking created the problem you braindead cockscrote. When you destroyed the family unit with financial incentives to be single parents, when you took our police force and rammed 15 times as much paperwork up its already stretched ass. When you closed down youth groups, fucked over the voluntary sector and took the fun out of schools with your fucking Health & Safety fucking culture. What has it achieved?

“"He talks about the voluntary sector having a larger role. The voluntary sector has never had a larger role than they have over the last 10 years and are working alongside and in partnership with the state.”

He claims the voluntary sector has never had a larger role. The trouble is though that the voluntary sector is being used to do what the state tells it to do rather than what it is actually good at. This is why the localism agenda of the Tories is being received so well.

It’s not the state’s job to raise children. It’s the job of the parents. The state cannot build communities, the voluntary sector can.

If McNulty’s such a hot shot on crime then shouldn’t he really be chasing up all those illegal immigrants that he let slip into the country before he got fired? Oh sorry, you don’t get fired for shite performance in New Labour, you get promoted. After all look at Beckett.

But it’s not all Labour criticism, the LibDems had to have their say…

“Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell called Mr Cameron's comments a "trite, almost Woman's Own way of dealing with" youth crime.”

So what the fuck does that mean? Buggered if I know… and does this mean that Ming reads “Woman’s Own”?

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