Thursday, November 02, 2006

Go See The Snob - That's An Order!

As my good man the Snob so recently pointed out in the comments, he feels honoured to be an “Honorary Guttersnipe”. Unlike most modern honours as well, the HG is awarded on the basis of merit rather than donating a random sum (say for the sake of argument £1,000,000) to a random political organisation (shall we say for the sake of argument, the Labour Party).

Now if you’ve not been to read the fine chap’s words I suggest you do… I provide some trailers below of the quality abuse you are likely to find:

On Milliband:
“He is the sort of simpering, tee-total gusset face that could quite easily kill a reasonable man simply through his ability to bore you into submission. An unreasonable man would give him the sort of hiding normally reserved for prisoners who have had their wicked way with the kiddies.”

On Brown:
“Brown is one of the least brave, least daring, least adventurous politicians in British politics. The sort of man who would turn down a day at the Races because he might crash his car on the way there, so it's safest to stay in watch the Snooker and maybe have a quick tug about Sue Baker.”

On Reid:
“Reid, as I've said before, is a tabloid voodoo doll. A Red Top has a campaign and gung-ho Jock runs in with all sorts of higgledy-piggledy strategies which show him to be the macho, ill-thinking, logic-hating fool tha the is. A deeply worrying, illiberal eejit.”

On Blears:
"She is, indeed, The Grand High Dame of New Labour Cuntery - and she didn't even need to 'loan' me the money to receive that title. I gave it to her purely on merit."

Read and enjoy


Reactionary Snob said...

You are far too kind. Reader, if you want quality I'd stay here.


Mr Eugenides said...

At the risk of turning this into some sort of circle-jerk, I should of course have said how flattered I am to be an Honorary Guttersnipe.

We angry types have to stick together. We're probably on file somewhere by now.