Friday, April 28, 2006

Tom Uttley Goes Postal on Prescott

Three cheers for Tom Uttley as he lets fly with his opinions on the Prescott affair (which one I ask) in today's Telegraph. As one ranter to another I salute you.
"The Soviet Union was stuffed full of thick bullies like Prescott, with handsome houses and luxury limousines to whoosh them from the Moscow flat to the dacha. But he must surely hold the record for being the stupidest man ever to have held high office in the United Kingdom since the Norman Conquest. (Perhaps I am being unkind: I grant you that he has a certain charm, as no doubt Tracey Temple would once have testified.)"
Gets straight in there doesn't he?

"We all know that there is only one reason why John Prescott is allowed to style himself, for the time being, as the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. That is that he has always been extremely useful to Tony Blair, and to the Project dreamt up in Islington by Peter Mandelson and his mates."

Mr Blair has always been quick to forgive his deputy. "John is John," he said, when Mr Prescott thumped a protester who had thrown an egg at him. What he meant, as we all understood, was that John is a moronic thug whose behaviour is not really worth bothering about."

Go Tom.... This sort of journalism needs rewarding in a big way. Go out, out in your droves and buy the Telegraph today. This man deserves a serious pay rise. Mr Uttley we are in your debt.

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