Friday, April 28, 2006

Labour Wake Up to Local Elections

From BBCi:

"Labour wants the English local elections to be about the "real world" not the concerns of the Westminster village, says minister David Miliband. "

Can Mr. Milliband explain to me why 2 out of 3 of his party's Party Election Broadcasts have been personal attacks on David Cameron then? I'm 6 days away from the local elections and as yet I have not seen a single Labour policy. I must then content myself with the view that they will do what they've always done:

Mis-spend my money on Cherie's Hair, Prescott's affairs, Beckett's flights, the release of prisoners, public-sector pensions and appeasing trade unions and flogging peerages.

Could Mr. Milliband be making this claim because their Dave the Chameleon campaign backfired and the fact that nationally they look like a bunch of incompetent prats?

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