Friday, April 28, 2006

Electoral Fraud - Which Of These Is Worse?

From the Derbyshire Evening Telegraph:

"Derby Conservative group leader Philip Hickson has been reported to the police over the blunder that saw an underage candidate nominated for next week's elections. The Liberal Democrats have sent a letter of complaint to Chief Superintendent Tony Hurrell of Derbyshire police ."

From the Birmingham Evening News:

"BIRMINGHAM'S Liberal Democrats today insisted their candidate would still stand in next week's local elections - despite his arrest in a postal vote fraud inquiry. "

I don't think stones should be thrown from the LibDem glasshouse should they? This is a sound example why I don't hold much truck with the LibDems and can't even trust them to run an election with integrity let alone run a country.

Even George Galloway has admitted today that investigations in Tower Hamlets for postal fraud have steered him towards the Liberal Democrats. Placing that together with their "offering sweeties to children" strategy and the famous "vote LibDem for the straight choice" do they really look like the nice guys that should be given a chance?

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